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A Perfume's Bottle

January 31, 2020

"A perfume is a piece of art, an the object that has it must be a master piece". Robert Ricci

Ricci isn't wrong about this. Since the creation of the ceramic vessels created by the egipcians, the roman creations with beatiful rocks untill the usage of crystals to the fabrication of bottles for perfume, it always has been about a master piece rather than a simple recipent.

The bottles can be considered like pieces of art by themselfs, beyond the fragance that the keep, because it is the thing that gives that first impression by being that physical element that defines each perfume and gives it a unique characteristic.

There are perfumes that we heard about and the first thing that comes to our mind is its bottle, Good girl by Carolina Herrera could be a good example of it, Chanel N5 Limited Edition, Miss Dior, Classique by Jean Paul Gaultier among many others creations.

The design of the bottles for perfumes has become into one of the most important elements in the perfume industry. In fact, there are perfumes that has achived the most of its popularity thanks to its presentation. That is the case of Clive Christian n.°1 Imperial Majesty, the most expensive of the world.

The bottle of this perfume has a ring around the bottle's neck, which is made with 18 carat of gold and a white diamond en the middle of the ring, fabricated with the help of Baccarat, a famous french glass fabric, which is said that it has an exact replica of the perfume created in 1872 for the Queen Victoria. A bottle that represents perfectly the monarchy, the high class society, the luxury and the sophistication.

The story behind this bottle is mysterious,imprecise, but very attractive as every one of the designs that has make us found in love during years.