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A Scent To Remember

October 18, 2019

There are perfumes that are part of our life and it is something we cannot deny. From an early age, our parents complement our presence with a sweet, tender and angelic aroma and, as we grow we begin to be interested in fragrances that identify us and in many cases allow others to recognize our presence quickly. That is the moment in which we begin to relate a person or some moment, with a particular perfume.

Through of time, there are various studies have been carried out in which it was established that olfactory memory is a way wrought and associated by the brain between aromas and memories. Reason intervenes in this process.

Maybe at some point when you had some experience where the aroma became unforgettable and since then the memory is stored in your mind. Once you persist that fragrance again, you are transported instantly when you first live it as: a dance or platonic relationship.

Unlike other memories, the olfactory has a characteristic that differentiates it and is one of the most important for the human being, it usually transmits emotions and when evoking memories, they influence our mood.

For example, remember that time when you met that special person, what was his perfume? Was it a sweet or intense aroma? You imagine a Cartier Declaration D'un, and you go straight to that moment that led you to have an unforgettable experience.

Undoubtedly, we can recreate the history of our life with smells, as Creed Adventus EDP can do, with musk, oak moss, vanilla and gray amber will make the seas engraved for everyone around you. Don't shy seas! Dare to be recorded by the most faithful memory, that of smell.

In best perfumes Miami we have the fragrances that complement your glamorous and imposing personality, such as Dolce& Gabana L'imperatrice, with its composition of citrus, musk and sandalwood that will make you make a difference.

It is part of you to keep a memory and keep it for the rest of your life. Find in Best Perfumes Miami the original fragrances you need.