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Always Together. Always In

September 11, 2019

Perfumes always become the perfect gift when it comes to celebrate someone special, either for his birthday or for making to this person a little present, and for no one is it a secret that perfume is a lady's ally or a gentleman who wants to keep his lover in love, but ... what happens when they both conquer each other? The answer to this question was solved by the perfume houses for a long time: they have devised their fragrances and have developed a version for ladies and gentlemen, adapting to the avant-garde couples who seek to be united at all times. Being in sync is always in!

One of the safest bets for sharing the perfume version is with those available on the Carolina Herrera line. From 212 VIP to 212 Party Fever, for ladies and gentlemen. Its aromas are available for all tastes, from the most stately and classic to the most current and daring.

Blue Seduction, for men and women, are Antonio Banderas fragrances that inspire and confer on those who use it the power to seduce. It is a perfume that has touches of sensuality for its sweet smells, but not cloying and with notes that are maintained over time.

The always classic, but innovative Versace has in its line different products that adapt for lovers, one of those is Eros, which has a pretty attractive bottle and an aroma that hooks anyone who perceives it. Have you ever used this fragrance?

Dolce & Gabbana is another of the perfume houses that serves as a reference when adapting their fragrances to ladies and gentlemen, from their classic "The one" to "Light blue" in their various versions, they fulfill the task of complementing the couples and make them the perfect pair.

Tommy Hilfiger Summer is versioned for boys and girls. Aromas of summer that are always at the forefront and that become the perfect weapon to conquer your soulmate. Would you keep the perfume you use secret?

Undoubtedly, each perfume company has taken into account the love and strength of couples to inspire and version the perfumes they have developed throughout their history, giving prominence, like other industries, to the feeling.