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Artists of perfume!

October 04, 2018

Perfumes can leave traces in people, make us remember a moment or someone special. Behind each aroma there is a story for which they were inspired and that provoke in our senses a true catharsis of sensations.

The great artists of the fragrances tend to echo the effects they experience every time they create or develop each of them.

Some designers have put into words what they perceive as a good perfume, the meaning of its use, the how and why it should be worn.

Here we present some phrases that were recorded for the story by how they accurately reflect the meaning of wearing a perfume:

# 1 "The perfume announces the arrival of a woman and lengthens her march". -Coco Chanel.

Known for having a strong character and manners not typical of the ladies of the time, Grabielle Chanel managed to stand out as an icon of fashion at that time and be an example to follow of the beauty and feminine seduction.

# 2 "Fashion and perfumes are two pillars in pursuit of seduction." -Paco Rabanne.

# 3 "A well-chosen fragrance can be a distinctive feature. It's the first thing that people perceive when you enter a room and the last thing they feel when you leave. " -Giorgi Armani.

# 4 "Perfume is like love, only a little is never enough". -Estee Lauder.

# 5 "A woman's perfume says more about her than her handwriting." -Christian Dior.

# 6 "Perfume ... is a poem that breathes, its form must be perfect, at the same time mysterious and impalpable". -Nicolas Mamounas.

# 7 "With my perfumes I design the first skin. Think that you change your clothes when you sleep but not perfume. " -Jean Paul Gaultier. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

# 8 "Whoever creates it (the perfume) is not the one who mixes his notes but the woman who takes it and who makes it his own, unique and different. It's a matter of skin. " -Narciso Rodriguez.

Narciso over the years created his own theory about perfumes, and part of that, was that the smell of fragrances could be perceived differently in each skin, even came to confirm it with a friend who one day He greeted and asked the question without realizing that he did not recognize a perfume of his brand "What perfumes do you use?" to which she replied "I use a Narciso".

# 9 "The invisible accessory for any garment is a perfume". -Carolina Herrera.

During her childhood, at the age of thirteen to be exact, her grandmother introduced her to Balenciaga and she was accustomed since childhood to dress up with haute couture. In her first dance she wore a Lanvin dress.

This Venezuelan has become an empress of elegance and good taste. It is usually inspired by successful women, and at the same time it likes to give confidence to feminists, demonstrating that distinction and beauty go hand in hand with simplicity and attitude.

# 10 "Not smelling good is bad manners." - Karl Lagerfeld.

Influenced by a mother who made him feel free, Lagerfeld made his ideas an art.

"I want everyone to take what they want and mix it in their own way. That, for me, is what is modern. "It was another of his ideas, this artist has completely recreated a concept of modernity and good taste.

# 11 "Perfume has to convey the feeling of a whole universe. It's like flowers, there's no one male or one female. " -Miuccia Prada.

# 12 "Inspire myself in young people. This perfume is for daring and supermodern people. " Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.

Colorful and modern Agatha Ruiz de la Prada showed the world that although an aristocrat, it can be achieved that one can be different in an elegant and fun way at the same time, regardless of the circumstances that arise.

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