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February 11, 2016

The perfumery business is a huge global industry. This is one of the reasons why every day we find new perfumes exhibited at stores, with innovative blends that evoke different sensations. There are a vast number of options in women's perfumes and men's colognes. Today we bring you a compilation of Best Perfumes Miami's bestsellers for 2015 to help you choose the most appropriate fragrances for your business. This list also makes a great guide if you are looking to get some fragrances for yourself.

The fourth place on our top four list goes to La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme. La Vie Est Belle is a delicate and feminine fragrance, created for the woman who seeks happiness and enjoys life without worrying about what others might say. It has been our clients' favorite in 2015 thanks to its unique aroma. The main ingredient is Iris Pallid, the perfume is packaged in a beautiful bottle, and to top it all off, Julia Roberts is the face of this perfume. According to chifchif.com users, this is one perfume women prefer for daily wear. This delicate women's perfume is currently on special discount at Best Perfumes Miami. If you have wanted this fragrance for a while, this is the perfect chance to get it. Take advantage of our limited offer for La Vie Est Belle.

Third on the list is Euphoria by Calvin Klein, a woody women's fragrance with floral and amber notes that exudes a feeling of sensuality and has a lasting trail. For these reasons, it was a popular fragrance among our clients all last year. Most users at chifchif.com state that they use it daily.

The second place is taken by Gucci Guilty, a floral fragrance with an oriental hint. This fragrance was conceived for the audacious woman who likes to live intensely and go after what she wants. It has been a very successful fragrance, greatly received by women worldwide and generating high profits to its creators and investors.

The first place on our top 4 of lady's perfumes goes to Light Blue, by Dolce & Gabbana. Light Blue is a fresh fragrance with floral and fruity notes, ideal for the carefree, modern woman. This is one of the few selected fragrances chosen to be part of "The Art of Scent, 1889-2012", the first art show centered on aroma as a means for artistic creation. This creation by Dolce & Gabbana is the star product of 2015, becoming very popular and resulting in great revenues for this company.

These were the most sold women's fragrances at Best Perfumes Miami. Now, we will discuss the top 4 colognes. In fourth place, it's L.12.12 Blanc, a woody fragrance with fruity notes, inspired by the polo shirt created by René Lacoste. The L represents Lacoste. The numbers relate directly to the garment as well: the number 1 represents the "petit pique", the first fabric chosen for this singular piece of clothing. The number 2 is related to the short sleeves, and 12 is the number of prototypes made before creating the final version of this popular garment. This concept from the famous French company has a fresh and clean fragrance, perfect to be used daily.

Third place in our countdown is taken by Mont Blanc's Legend, created for the independent, self-assured, and unconventional man. Its combination of fruity, floral, and herbal notes make Legend a fresh, pure, sensual fragrance, ideal to be worn daily.

In second place, we find Invictus by Paco Rabanne. This woody and marine fragrance was created for the competitive, sporty man who loves the feeling of victory. The competitive spirit is reflected in its trophy-like bottle. Chifchif.com reviewers say this cologne is perfect to wear every day. This perfume has been an enormous triumph for the brand, making it a significant source of profit for those who invest in it.

The first place of this ranking is occupied by Aventus. Featuring Chipre and fruity notes, this fragrance was creative with the energetic, bold, defiant, and optimistic man in mind. This is the star perfume of the house of Creed, being one of the most popular men's perfumes all over the world. The scent has turned great profits for its creators and everyone who has ever invested in this project. Currently, this fragrance has a special discount that you can enjoy at our store or through our website. Take advantage of the Aventus promo before it expires!

All these perfumes and colognes can be found at Best Perfumes Miami. The new fragrances for 2016 are also available on our website, or if you prefer, you can visit our shop located on 20th St, in Miami. Browse our website and discover the great variety of products we have at your disposal. If you are interested in any of them, you can purchase them on online