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December 14, 2017

Christmas is all about tradition and so much shining, without any doubt, it's the best time of the year, so you cannot stop enjoying the best moments by wearing that fragrance, the perfect one for evoking memories and immortalize your entrance and your presence anywhere.
Because perfumes are awesome women best friends, we introduce you the best fragrances for the holidays, the cherry on the cake this final year's season:

Eros by Versace:

Inspired by the legendary God Eros, the representation of sexual attraction, love and sex, this delicate and feminine perfume situates the woman who wears it, in an Olympian of glamour and passion, where she is the main attraction. Golden and luminous, Eros is the force that every woman needs to stand out in the holiday season.

Cooper Square de Bond No 9:

One of the most interesting combinations of the latest modern fragrances, Cooper Square by the irreverent and fantastic brand Bond No 9, came to captivate hearts. For the most magical Christmas gathering, this perfume is bold and jovial.

Brilliant Gold by Michael Kors:

Christmas is brightness and many lights precisely that is what defines this incredible proposal by Michael Kors, a perfume for highlight the elegant and sensual side of a woman who feels like the soul of the party. With stellar tones such as orange, tangerine, voluptuous florals and a striking flare of woody tones, Brilliant Gold is that irresistible final touch of any stunning outfit.

Signorina Misteriosa by Salvatore Ferragamo:

There's no better way to close a year than renewing yourself, all you need is to show off, stand out and make an impact with an aura that flashes mystery and magnetism is this enveloping essence of Salvatore Ferragamo. Live with passion this time and take a chance now.