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Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day with Fresh, Green Notes from the Perfume Sales Specialists

March 11, 2016

green notes What do tree leaves, freshly cut grass, and Saint Patrick's Day have in common? The predominant green color theme! To celebrate Saint Patrick's Day, perfume sales specialist Best Perfumes Miami invites you to learn more about the re-invigorating notes of nature: the green notes.

Green notes are fresh and youthful – they awake the memory of freshly cut grass, gardens, leaves, and morning dew, evoking the feeling of being outdoors. Perfumers find them in galbanum, violet leaves, petitgrain, tomato leaves, mimosa, jasmine, rhubarb, bamboo, cucumber, watermelon, green tea, fig leaves, and many other sources that incorporate nature into perfume. These scents evoke optimism and joy.

In the world of perfume sales, there is a wide range of fragrances that include green notes in their ingredients. One of them is Nautica Voyage by Nautica, a male perfume with hints of refreshing green leaves like mimosa and cedar that was conceived for active, adventurous men. This scent evokes that relaxing moment when you are sailing on the open sea, and the breeze brushes your face.

Another fragrance with this range of notes was created with the urban man in mind. Full of authenticity and creativity, Lacoste L!VE by Lacoste is an energetic perfume that opens with the freshness of lime, continues with the smell of green leaves and aquatic notes, and ends leaving a black licorice and wood trail. This cologne was inspired in Williamsburg, New York, a place with a creative air, where artistic expression is found in every corner.

There are also many female fragrances that include green notes among their ingredients. Manifesto L'Eclat by Yves Saint Laurent is a great example; this perfume reflects audacity and spontaneity. It opens with green top notes of neroli and tea, continues with floral heart notes of jasmine and freesia. It ends with woody base notes of cedar, cashmere, and sandalwood with hints of vanilla and Tonka bean. This was the third product created for the Manifesto Line. To showcase femininity, strength, and sense of style in the wearer, perfumers decided to add the fresh touch to this scent.

Another fragrance with this profile is Acqua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani, a feminine fragrance that combines green, floral, and fruity notes with woody, oceanic, and sugary touches. In Italian, the word gioia means joy and also jewel. The "water of joy" is energetic and refreshing, ideal for outdoor activities, a summer afternoon, or country walks. It was inspired by the island of Pantelleria, which, according to Armani himself, is a place where, "you feel the power of Mother Nature and its dynamic and fresh energy."

Among unisex fragrances, CK One by Calvin Klein has a clean, refreshing scent with notes of tea and bergamot blossom, adding a fruity, youthful touch with pineapple and fresh spices, such as cardamom. It is perfect to wear every day, both in open spaces or to the office. This American perfume house creation became the best sold perfume in the US shortly after being released, expanding that success to numerous markets.

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