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Children's perfumes: sweet and innocent fragrances

September 27, 2019

Curious, thinkers and dreamers. Children always infect us with their joy. A character full of imagination that has changed over time, to the point that now, the little ones, show interest in being more mature, ready to face the world with a lively and positive attitude. As a result, various brands have decided to launch fragrances that adapt to them, without neglecting the characteristics that always make them unique: their sweetness.

In Best Perfumes Miami we have different perfumes that could be the perfect gift for those children who want to be as unique as their parents, so, we prepare this blog so you know the fragrances that could be the first perfume of your life.

The magic of the princesses also comes in a perfume bottle. For them we have in our store Disney Sleeping Beauty, Disney Tinkerbell, Disney Rapunzel and Disney Belle. Each of these fragrances have a beautiful packaging and mainly floral aromas that will show the delicacy of a girl. On the other hand, for older girls, close to adolescence, the Hannah Montana Gotta Rock perfume is a stronger fragrance, which does not leave the sweetness of childhood behind.

Superheroes, passion for speed or simply adventurous spirit. Children also want to stand out and we have in our store perfumes such as Angry Birds King Pig, Car Body Fresh, Looney Tunes Daffy Duck and the one they like best: Spiderman Lunch Box. Why do they love him so much? Bring a lunchbox to go to school! In this way they will show off their new fragrance and their latest accessory.

Although it is a more delicate care, there are also fragrances for babies. Soft and sweet smells, such as Tous Baby Eau de Cologne, available in our store.

Do you want to spoil your little one with a fragrance? Visit our website and check the availability of the fragrance you want.