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Choose The Perfect Perfume For Each Mom

May 11, 2017

Before considering any option, you should think about the aspects that define the woman whom you wish to give a perfume to. Matching her personality after the way she acts, it's a good start. This will help you determine which olfactory families her taste is inclined to. To make it easy, we suggest you ask yourself 2 questions:

woman-wearing-perfumeDoes she have any favorite flowers?
This is certainly the most important part, since most perfumes are made from essential oils of different kinds of flowers and, if she likes one in particular, you will have a guiding hint to start your selection. On the other hand, if she doesn't like any flower, you can instantly discard an entire olfactory family that includes thousands of perfumes.

What aspects define her personality?
We usually wear perfumes depending on our mood. Many perfume houses have done studies that show agreement between the tastes of people who define themselves with words such as: energetic, sensual, feminine or classic, among others less used. We leave you some recommendations according to the type of personality:

Generally in a good mood, she likes to change her style frequently. She is sportive and she likes to be outdoors. Prefers the simplest looks and leans over jeans and flats shoes. Is attracted to citrus scents, very fresh with aquatic notes. Some of the most wanted are: Born Original Today Adidas and Green tea Elizabeth Arden.
Usually combines top necklines with long and elegant clothes when she wants to stand out. She doesn't wear many prints and is attracted to neutral colors. She is very good at interacting with people and is interested in the fine arts. She prefers sour aromas but which in turn have a unique floral sweetness. Her favorite are: Jasmine Keiko Mecheri and L'Amour Rose Eau de Toilette.
She handles everything with delicacy and shows always disposition and kindness. She loves dresses of different styles. She likes prints with basic colors and flowers. She wears low shoes but occasionally also heels. For her perfumes belonging to the floral family with Mediterranean touches of species are a good choice. Among his favorites: Terra Nova White Ginger and Nina Ricci L'Extanse.
The neutral colors always make her company. She's very quiet and reserved. She walks with elegance and is noticed without any effort. She is selective because she knows her taste very well. She is fascinated by perfumes with woody bases in combination with oriental notes and gourmands. The most popular are: Summer Nights L'acquaDi Fiori and CK ONE Eau de Toilette Spray.

Finding the right perfume is not a difficult task. You only need to know a little more about the recipient of the gift. We hope our recommendations be useful for you. If you are interested in the world of perfumery follow us on Instagram and learn more about your favorite perfumes.