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March 23, 2016

Spring is here! This fun-filled season is showering everything with lively colors and filling the environment with fresh aromas. During this season of new beginnings, we celebrate Easter, and flowers are a very important part of this beautiful, traditional celebration. Some flowers that are both commonly and historically symbolic for this festivity also happen to be important ingredients in the perfume industry! Keep on reading to learn about the scents of Easter, and the perfect springtime perfumes recommended by Best Perfumes Miami, your go-to perfume wholesaler and retailer.

Easter Lily
One of the most representative flowers for this festivity is the Easter Lily, which has become a symbol of the resurrection of Christ. It's usually white and it is related to purity, innocence, and kindness. A fragrance that showcases its delicate scent is named for this flower: Easter Lily by Lili Bermuda. This fragrance has a floral aroma with hints of vanilla and green notes. It was conceived to honor the emblematic flower of Bermuda.

The passionflower is strongly linked to this time of the year. Its name actually comes from the Passion of Christ! This symbolic flower earned this name by its very makeup: the physical features of the flower represent different aspects of the Passion. First, the three styles resemble the three nails used to nailed him to the cross. Secondly, the corolla evokes the crown of thorns, and thirdly, the petals and sepals resemble the ten loyal Apostles. CK One Shock for her has passionflower among its ingredients. This modern floriental fragrance is full of youthful enticement, perfect for open-minded women who are full of personality. The letters on the bottle emulate marks of pink lipstick, creating a daring and attractive effect.

Tulips are also a very common springtime flower that is seen during Easter. White tulips represent forgiveness, while purple tulips represent loyalty. Both of these qualities are honored by this festivity. Midnight Heat by Beyoncé has these notes among its ingredients. This floriental fragrance is the perfect accessory for a night out. It exudes sensuality, elegance, and a touch of mystery.

During this holiday, it is very common to see carnations, especially during parades. Carnation notes are present in Blue Jeans by Versace. This wonderful flower is a prime fragrance for Versace's Jean Couture as well. Jean Couture is a fresh, clean, and youthful male fragrance - perfect to be used daily. Its original bottle resembles a Coca-Cola bottle, and it comes packed in a blue can with very unique design.

Another masculine scent that contains carnation notes is Boss Bottled, by Hugo Boss. This fragrance was created for the sophisticated, modern, charismatic man. It's has fresh, fruity top notes, floral and spicy middle notes, and woody base notes.

Daisies are considered to represent the innocence of baby Jesus. They also symbolize pureness and gentleness. You can find daisy notes in Love Love Love by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. Dedicated to fun, romantic women who love to express their love for life, this fragrance has floral, woody, and musky notes. It comes in a heart-shaped bottle, in perfect accord with the fragrance's name.

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