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Do You Want To Feel Fresh All Summer Long? Know The Best Fragrances For This Season.

July 03, 2017

We all have some nostalgic memories of passed summer times; free time, books, sleepovers, pools, and all the joy the solstice bring us every year. This season may represent vacation time, the moment to wear your most casual outfits and exhibit your skin. Sometimes the heat may drive us insane and that''s why we tend to do activities to keep us fresh. Perfumes can make you feel fresher throughout the summer days. Here we regrouped 5 excellent choices, each one of them will surround you with cool breeze trail.

eternity-women-perfumeFor more than 30 years Calvin Klein has launched its Eternity fragrance, and it has become ever since an icon of this brand that symbolizes full youth. As its name indicates, this is an aquatic fragrance, with woody notes and delicate flowers that give a touch of fresh distinction. Water lily and geranium are some of the floral notes present in this perfume along with herbaceous notes such as wild mint and rosemary. Something green, something sweet and lots but lots of aquatic freshness are the elements of Eternity Aqua.
light-blue-womens-perfume According to Dolce & Gabbana, it's the fifth scent of the joy of living. It's a reflection of the summer days we've described at the beginning. The sun and the intense nights mixed between fruity and colorful notes form this feminine perfume, modern and with a touch of Mediterranean sensuality. The beautiful blue color is representative of the clear skies laden with vitamin D. With a bouquet of white roses, bamboo, precious woods and an amber caress Light Blue is an invitation to enjoy the sensuality and the heat of summer.
This flowery fragrance contain the innocent of the first kiss. It's feminine, fresh and sweet for a lovely soul. The heart of Daisy is floral with vintage edge of violet. Sophisticated, with the eclectic, timeless flavor of Marc Jacobs. Always elegant, always enchanting but at the same time gives you warmth and comfort. This scent opens the door to a garden of youth and beauty. You won't find a cuter aroma to bring all the freshness into your aura. White woods, vanilla and musk add the unique elegance that finishes its wonderful trail.

We present another scent that belongs to the floral / aquatic family. It's a daily accessory that encourages you to be always beautiful. The aromatic freshness of Acqua Di Gio is based on its top notes: mint leaves and lemon blossom. Its captivating sensuality is enclosed in a heart of jasmine and pink pepper. It has an aroma of sea water that comes from the French laurel and Virginia cedar. Its sugary facets that add a cheerful character. It was specially made for a free spirit who loves to breathe the fresh air of nature. Very similar to the color that represents it: a sea green very subtle and feminine.

hugo-boss-womens-perfumeBoss Jour is inspired by the first light of day and it gives you a punch of extra confidence to experience new challenges day by day. This women's fragrance unites three essential facets of the feminine mystique: serenity, elegance and inspiration, combined in a wonderful interplay of white blossom and invigorating citrus notes. As the first sun rays, this is a bottle full of courage and a vibrant feeling of excitement. The moment you wear it, you'll be immediately surrounded by wave of positive energy.

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