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Don't you know what could be a perfect gift for dad? Here we give you 5 infallible options.

June 14, 2017

Dad's role comprehend many other roles in his life and that of the people around him: he's his daughter's prince, his son's hero, mom's knight in shining armor, the leader of the team, among many other roles you can imagine. However, Dad represents all those roles and sometimes he forgets to take some time for himself.

For those daddies who are the cornerstone of the household and who give everything for their family, to the point that sometimes they forget about themselves, remember: you are the heroes of our generation, the men who face everything with security and sensitivity. So Moms, here we leave 5 perfumes that enhance the masculinity and sensuality of any man. Let's surprise those dads in their special day with one of the best gifts par excellence: a fragrance.

cologne-for-men-paco-rabbaneWhen it comes to sophistication and seduction we are talking about 1 Millon by Paco Rabbane. Many of us already know its emblematic bottle and those who have tested confirm that its aroma is as rich as a gold ingot. In its composition are interlaced leather notes, roses and cinnamon, among other species, which make up its luxurious, refined, elegant and powerful profile.


This perfume is for those dads who enjoy the outdoors spaces more than the enclosed ones. If Dad loves to go often on a trip, this fragrance will surely complement his style. Black by Ferrari is a combination of citrus and woody notes with an addition of jasmine, cinnamon and apple that gives a discreet contrast of sweetness. Vanilla and juniper veins create the dynamic and classic balance of its aroma. Perfect for everyday use.

cologne-for-men-armaniIt is an ideal fragrance for nature lovers. Imagine the waves of the sea, the saline breeze, the heat of the sun and the freedom of the horizon bottled. Giorgio Armani describes Aqua Di Giō as an ethereal scent, with impeccable elegance, deep and sensual, a concrete expression of the values of his work, which are: personality, elegance and masculinity. If dad likes fresh and aquatic aromas he will certainly enjoy this perfume.


Luna Rossa by Prada was inspired by the Luna Rossa Challenge sailing team. It represents dynamism and its intense notes awaken the desire for new challenges. It is suitable for any season of the year: its modern lavender heart points to a spring / summer aroma but its base of musk and precious woods make it suitable for cold environments. Its intensity and duration is ideal for energetic dads who enjoy sport in any of their kinds.

cologne-for-men-hugo-bossThis scent was designed for men looking for innovation. If Dad has the habit of taking us to new places and surprising us with his creativity to make us feel special, it's the perfect time to let him know how important he is to us. With Red Hugo Boss we assure you that you'll achieve it. It is a perfect summer fragrance for this time of year due to its freshness and purity.

We hope you can get the perfect gift for each of those men who improve the world in their wake with their excellent attitude and effort. If you want to know more exquisite brand perfumes follow us at Instagram @bestperfumesmiami and Facebook Best Perfumes Miami.