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Famous Pop Singers and Their Perfume Brands (Part II)

April 21, 2016

The group of celebrities that have explored the wonderful land of fragrances is quite wide. In our previous blog, we presented some of your favorite pop stars' perfumes by brand.Today we bring you a second edition of the list of delicious fragrances that they have created for you.

Do You Want to be Remembered? Use Forever by Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey's notes are not only musical but also floral. Her fragrance Forever is filled with the smell of nature, combining lotus flower, neroli, gardenia, Lily of the Valley, and tuberose with woody, musky and fruity nuances. The end result is a glamorous, sophisticated blend that reminds us of Hollywood. It is named after one of the singles included on Daydream, her fifth studio album.

Take a Chance at Your Dreams with Justin Beiber's Girlfriend

Justin Bieber has also ventured into the world of perfumes. After the success of his first perfume, Someday, this Canadian singer has decided to please his fans with a second perfume, called Girlfriend. This is a fresh, flirty, and energetic fragrance with a floral scent. According to the singer, it is a more mature version of Someday. It has aromatic similarities, but Girlfriend was made specifically for a more adult and sophisticated audience.

Shining Bright Like the Star She Is, Here Is JLo's Glow

Jennifer López has not fallen behind in exploring the wonderful world of fragrance. The first of many fragrances to have her signature was Glow, a fresh combination of floral, fruity, and musky notes that launched in 2002. Her creation was inspired by JLo's desire for a fresh, clean, and sensual scent. "I wanted Glow to be fresh and clean, but still sexy and sensual – something that feels like you just came out of the shower and you are the sexiest person in the world." The jewelry that embellishes the bottle evokes the music star's luxurious lifestyle.

Singers Perfume Brands Fun, Energetic, Unique… Meet Taylor Swift's Taylor

Taylor Swift is another singer turned perfumer. And to show it, she launched Taylor, a fragranced inspired by the artist's personality. This perfume is dedicated to the woman who loves fun and has an energetic spirit and a unique sense of fashion. It starts with top notes of tangerine magnolia petals, and lychee. It continues with heart notes of peony, hydrangea, and vanilla orchid, and ends with base notes of sandalwood, apricot, Cashmere musk, and other woody tones.

Lady Gaga's Fame Has Not Gone Unnoticed!

Fame was Lady Gaga's first fragrance, a floral-oriental perfume that comes in a transparent bottle with a claw-shaped cap, a symbol that identifies the singer. This mysterious black liquid becomes transparent when it touches the air. Its name is a reference to one of Gaga's music albums. According to the artist, it "pays tribute to all aspects of fame, its transparent facets and its darker side."

Demure, yet Audacious… This Is Rogue, by Rihanna

This artist from Barbados has also decided to sail on the sea of fragrances. Rihanna shows us her true self with "Rogue", a floral oriental perfume that reflects her personality. "This scent embodies demure feminine qualities yet carries into an audacious new moment. I made it for all women, for every mood, because we all want to project our true selves," said the famous singer.

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