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"Fragrances for dad"

June 25, 2018

Fragrances for a man

Currently, there is a wide variety of aromas and many can be confused, mix classes and use the wrong one. That is why, based on their ingredients, perfumes have been classified by olfactory families, which are separated by gender and by subcategories.

Best Perfumes Miami brings the four olfactory families recommended for men.

Family Leather.

Essentially it is used for the creation of male perfumes; The leather notes were designed with leftover leather waste in the manufacture of Russian army boots, then tanned with burned birch mask, giving the characteristic leathery smell.

Nowadays, the essence of birch bark is used as essential raw material in the aromas acuerados. The new leather notes are more subtle and velvety.

This family does not have subcategories. Some perfumes that stand out in this line are: Halston Z-14, Bvlgari Man In Black, CH Men Privé and Oscar De La Renta Pour Lui.

Aromatic Family

For the most part aromatics are perfumes for men and they smell sporty and fresh, they are generally composed of sage, rosemary, cumin, lavender and spicy plants that in turn are complemented with citrus and spicy notes.

Some of the most successful perfumes are of this type of fragrance, such as: Hugo by Hugo Boss, CH Sport or Ralph Lauren Polo Blue.

This olfactory family has four main subcategories:

Aquatic Aromatic, mixes the classic aromatic chords with notes of sea water, among some of its outstanding creations we have: Nautica Blue, Kenzo Pour Homme, Acqua Di Gio Giorgio Armani and Lacoste Essential Sport.

Spicy Aromatic, combine with spices such as cardamom, lime or mugwort, providing a very fresh fragrance. These fragrances are mostly male. In this line they highlight: Boss The Scent, Guess By Marciano and Mont Blanc Emblem Intense.

Aromatic Fruity, this subcategory is relatively young, the aromatic components are mixed with fruits such as citrus, watermelon, black currant or passion fruit. Highlights perfumes like: Hugo Boss In Motion Orange, Insense Ultramarine and Jaune L.12.12 Yellow.

Aromatic Green, the aromatic agreement is reinforced by the addition of green notes such as herbs or leaves, as well as aromatic components such as lavender and rosemary. Hugo by Hugo Boss and Ralph Lauren Polo Sport are fragrances that stand out in this subcategory.

Oriental Family

They are integrated with aromatic or citrus chords, oriental compositions extract their essence from precious substances such as amber, resins, tobacco, spices, exotic woods and animal notes. This olfactory family has three main subcategories:

Oriental Woody, Oriental woody perfumes are among the hottest and sensual, also characterized by having a lot of personality and depth giving us unforgettable fragrances.

The wood notes are brought by precious woods such as sandalwood, cedar or patchouli, with many spices that reinforce the original oriental arrangement. Some perfumes that stand out in this line are: 212 VIP Men, Black XS, Diesel Only The Brave and Bvlgari Man Extreme.

Spicy Oriental, The spices undoubtedly give great personality to the perfumes that contain them, these are numerous and the perfumers often use them a lot on oriental aromas. When we think of spicy Oriental aromas, the essences of: pink pepper, cumin, juniper, cinnamon, celery, cilantro, etc. always come to mind. Opium Yves Saint Laurent, Hugo Red, Body Kouros and Armani Code stand out in this family.

Oriental Fougére, The oriental notes (warm, woody and spicy notes) are combined with aromatic scents such as lavender, rosemary, coumarin and oak moss, giving more depth and freshness to the oriental aroma. Some perfumes that stand out in this line are: Gaultier Le Male, Hugo Boss in Motion and Prada For Men.

Woody Family

Woody fragrances tend to be linear in terms of wood, some of their most outstanding essences are: sandalwood, cedar, vetiver grass, resins and balsams, which are combined with citrus or aromatic notes to give them an air of elegance . This olfactory family has three main subcategories:

Woody aquatic, the woody aroma in his heart, combined with oceanic notes. Some perfumes that stand out in this line are: Issey Miyake L'eau D'issey, Invictus and Versace Man Eau Fraiche.

Woody Aromatic, woody notes form the heart of these compositions and almost always begin with an aromatic note like thyme, rosemary or sage. In this line are some like: Dunhill Icon, Swiss Army Altitude, Jaguar Classic Gold and Dolce & Gabbana Intenso.

Woody Cyprus, the addition of cyprus notes such as oak moss and labdanum song give body to the predominantly woody aroma. They are characteristic of this family: Polo Ralph Lauren, Nautica Classic and Gucci By Gucci.

Woody Floral, this olfactory family is characterized by its strong smell of wood from its beginnings that can be cedar, patchouli or sandalwood. The floral notes include violet, peony or freesia, the smell mainly consists of musky notes combined with cedar, oak and oud wood. Some perfumes that stand out in this line are: 212 Men NYC, Bvlgari Pour Homme Extréme, Salvatore Ferragamo Pour Homme and Uomo De Moschino.

Spicy woody, light and pleasant aromas of exotic woods harmonize with warm and bitter spices such as pepper, cloves, nutmeg or cinnamon. Highlights in this line: AB Spirit Millionaire, One Million, Starwalker Mont Blanc and Polo Red Intense.

Everything is about tastes, the characteristics that best combine with the personality and at what time it will be used.

In Best Perfumes Miami you can find the fragrance that best suits you, easily and conveniently, with multiple forms of payments.