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How to choose a perfume?

June 14, 2019

When buying a perfume we always fall into the same question: What should I buy? We arrive at the store and start to smell perfumes randomly also as we have seen in TV ads or recommendations from our friends, and that is when our nose collapses in an explosion of scents and we no longer know what to choose and we get help from the expert perfumers.

When taking the sample of the perfume, we must smell it and wait a few seconds and then try it on the back of the hand, in this way we see how it adapts to our skin and our Ph.

Do not exaggerate or try more than three perfumes at the same time, as this will make it difficult to differentiate them, atrophy your nose and, therefore, cause dizziness. Before deciding, you can give a "spin" using the one you liked, if you really like it then buy it.

The great secret in the choice of a fragrance is your pH, because your reaction to the essence is responsible for it smells good in you or not, so never guide yourself in how it smells in other people and dare to try it. You, do you know how to choose a good perfume?

A perfume does not fit to all of us with the same intensity, nor does it give us the same aroma. For example, if a skin is very dry, the fixation is minimal and could use sweet aromas or woods, combined with a moisturizing cream would achieve a better fixation, preferably with the very essence of its perfume.