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August 07, 2018


Summer is a season that we all like to enjoy, we want to be prepared to have fun at any time and capture sensations that bring us happiness, of course, that includes having a good fragrance to accompany us, but it is always important to know how to use them, that may be essences that are better suited to other seasons or that have consequences for our skin if we use it wrongly.

We have to take into account certain factors when using the fragrances in summer, such as the aroma, what kind, the duration, where and how to apply it, and of course the place to store it at the end of the season.

For this season it is recommended to use fruity aromas for the day and floral aromas for the night, which give a sensation of freshness, orientals with light touches of wood show personality. In general, we recommend applying something citric, fresh and watery, since they give the perception of air or breeze that one wants to fight the heat, especially if you are in the city, but for all times you have to use the one that best suits you. like everyone. It is also good to have an essence of day and a different one for the night, because in many places they have important changes of temperatures in different hours and the activities are almost always different.

Now, what kind of fragrance to wear for the time is important to know how long it will be and how to apply it, although all work more or less equally.

The dose of Eau de Parfum has between 20-25% essence, being the most expensive in the market; the Eau de Toilette 15-20% with an average price range while the colonies and body splash are the same having 3 to 5% essence, which are obtained at a cheaper price.

The permanence of each copy will vary according to the degree of concentration they have, given that the perfume smells less in summer. High temperatures make the olfactory process much faster, and sweat also greatly affects the setting of the aroma.

The skin should always be well hydrated, but even more so in summer because if it is dry, it will absorb the perfume and the odor will go away more quickly. Take two liters of water per day are necessary; try to bathe with warm water and use a light body lotion on the whole body; now there are moisturizers that are used under the shower or shower oils that are highly recommended; One of the best times to put the perfume on the skin is after bathing, because the pores are open and penetrates better, many perfumes have their version in cream or the same moisturizers have aroma.

"Perfume clothing is always a good idea because it is colder than the skin and the perfume lasts longer, in addition the fibers absorb the perfume while the skin only accepts the deposit of the perfume on the skin but never absorbs it," suggested Bernardo Conti.

The key place to apply the essence for every day is the neck and chest, but to get out it is worth spraying the whole body, however in summer. You have to be very careful when using perfume when you know you are going to be exposed to the sun, for example, when you go to the beach.

The scientific explanation is that many colonies contain substances that react to exposure to sunlight, may lead to allergic reactions or skin spots.

The best solution for this is to vaporize the perfume on the areas that make it radiate better to the rest of the body, which are: behind the ears, on the wrists, behind the knees, avoid the neck, as well as it is preferable to perfume clothes to dress, but be careful with light-colored clothes, you can notice where you put it, also perfume the head or hair but it should not be done daily, because the perfume contains alcohol, and depending on its concentration, it eventually dries the hair and the skin of the head, which makes the hair ugly and with dandruff, in short, so we will notice the smell of the perfume but not on our skin.

If you apply it as far as possible, the distribution of the essence will be better, warning that it is done approximately 10 centimeters away. Repeat its application every 5 or 6 hours preferably, to keep the aroma alive.

Try not to bathe in perfume in the early hours of the morning, since the sense of smell is not very sensitive and feel the concentration and intensity will be somewhat difficult, so, our nose gets used to feel the scent the rest of the day, not yourself He feels, but the other person can perceive it and can become repugnant.

After finishing this season, knowing where to store our perfume is paramount. The right place of the house so that the fragrances do not evaporate is far from the light (solar and artificial), heat and humidity will make it last longer, remove them from the bathroom because the steam destroys them. A comfortable or in the closet is the favorite area.

It is also good to note that while the bottle is larger it is likely to evaporate faster than if the container is small, due to the time that may be saved or if you have more than one fragrance per season.

No matter what perfume you choose at the end, it must adapt above all to our emotions and to the moments and experiences we wish to have.

"You have to keep a little summer, even in the middle of winter."
- Henry David Thoreau-