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March 03, 2016

Women have struggled for a long time to achieve their participation in society and enjoy the same rights as men. This endless effort that continues to this day is nothing but worthy of respect and admiration. That is why, at Best Perfumes Miami, we've decided to honor International Women's Day by showcasing ideal women's perfumes throughout all the stages of a woman's life.

Soft, sweet, and fresh aromas are perfect for those little women who are in the earliest stages of their lives. Disney's perfumes such as Rapunzel, Bella, and Hannah Montana Gotta Rock can be worn every day. These kind of fragrances are preferred by little girls for two reasons: their pleasant aroma and also because they remind them of their favorite characters.

When little girls turn into teenagers, they use perfume to define their personality and explore their femininity. They are comfortable using many different perfumes until they find one that fits them the best. They usually use fragrances with fruity or citric notes like those found in Nina L'Eau by Nina Ricci. This fragrance has refreshing notes of grapefruit, apple and mandarin.

Once the teenage years are over, women start a stage of their lives where they are trying to define who they are and what their goals in life are. During this period, they want to project their found femininity and sensuality with their choice of perfume, leaning towards fragrances that combine floral and fruity notes, such as Burberry Brit Sheer by Burberry, a fresh and fun fragrance created for women who are full of joy for life, passion, adventure, and romance.

After having tried many perfumes, there comes a time when a woman discovers what notes she identifies with, meaning she is able to decide on a favorite fragrance. Women in this stage of their lives want a perfume that matches their lifestyle and have a tendency to choose spicy, woody fragrances such as Hypn˘se by Lanc˘me, an oriental fragrance with woody and floral notes, as well as hints of vanilla.

Once a woman has settled in her life, she already knows what she likes and has probably decided on a particular scent and would only change it if she was to find, among women's perfumes, a perfume that represents an upgrade of the fragrance features that she has already chosen as hers. Women in this stage of their lives prefer floral and oriental notes, such as the ones found in Boucheron by Boucheron, with hints of jasmine, vanilla and daffodil.

As time passes by, women who have had a long and prosperous life tend to go for floral scents. This is the case of Eternity by Calvin Klein, with notes of Lily of the Valley, violet, and carnation. It was launched in 1998, inspired by the designer's wedding the year before. It is an homage to eternal union, fidelity, true love, and family values. It has a very feminine aroma, created for the elegant women.

We have to make a note on the fact that there are always exceptions to the rule. We are all different people with different preferences, and women from the same age might not like the same fragrances or even olfactory profiles. Perfume is a very personal choice. What is really important, is that you choose a perfume that you enjoy using, reflects your personality, and best represents you.

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