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Love enters through smell

March 06, 2019

Love enters through smell. Yes, even if you do not believe it, there are studies that have proven that aromas are important elements when it comes to attracting a person.

According to Mark Kristal, neuropsychologist at the University of Buffalo (USA) and specialist in the so-called "love chemistry", smell is one of the main senses that attract in terms of love relationships.

"In humans, couples are chosen in terms of sensorial bases, both auditory and visual and olfactory. In this sense, the olfactory are those that are first noticed, although the person believes that he can not smell the other and that everything was visual. Smell also sharpens as time passes and the relationship becomes more solid, "Kristal said.

Pheromones, (hormones related to attraction and pleasure), are easily detected by smell.

"Hormones are imperceptible, they may not even have an odor, but they reach our brain through the olfactory system. They are activated mainly in sexual attraction, fear, alarm and sense of belonging and territory, "he explained.

It is normal for many people to recognize or remember their partner by the smell of their shirt or a personal item, is that as time passes, a more intimate connection between smell and person is formed.