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August 31, 2017

Since ever, perfume has been associated with beauty power, though its earliest uses in history are related to rites dedicated to goddess and now, perfume for women or cologne for men can be easily an art of sensational seduction.

Many perfumes are part of our daily beauty routine and a sweet option to empowerment our style as well. We choose it to express uniqueness, nerve, joy or independence. Fragrances are an irreplaceable choice to improve confidence and nowadays, scent and seduction just seem to flow together in almost a mystical way.

Seduction is a way for us to connect to our natural powers of magnetism, in all of life, not just in love, and you might ask why fragrance plays such a central role in sensuality and seduction. When we inhale a fragrance it enters a bulb of nerves in the nose called the olfactory system. This system is deeply connected to the limbic system, the part of the brain and psyche that governs our memory and emotion that's why perfumes and seductiveness are more than just a game or a simple urban myth.

Seducing with perfume is a step that a woman or man doesn't have to take with any requirement or effort, especially when wear perfumes in order to remain freshly scented and possibly to attract someone ant that's totally ok. Seducers know how to knock down all the senses and maybe the olfactory sense is one of the most special.

There are specifically parts of our body that keep the Fragrances better and are usually dabbed on the wrists, behind the ears and near the cleavage to cause a mayor impact when we play the seduction game and if you haven't read it before we want you to know the tips you really need.

Before to apply a perfume in a seductive plan, dress to impress, know yourself and be conscious of all your attributes and made them your irresistible weapons and just then, wear the perfect perfume for your personality and style.

The next time you try to seduce anyone, don't do it with talk first, wear a fantastic scent that could bring the house down instead.

Wearing a scent is the cherry on the cake, In Best Perfumes Miami we have the best fragrances by brands, we're the place where you can find the most essentials to seduce. Take your time to be found by fragrances and be the greatest in the game.