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December 28, 2018


A fragrance is the best ally when defining your style to end the year; in Best Perfumes Miami we have a wide range of perfumes that you can order wholesale or retail, choose the ones you like the most and they will be sent to any part of America.

When it comes to a special night, the essence that you dismiss is important, it can even change the mood of those present.

On the last night of the year there is no need to party, turning every moment into a memorable memory is obligatory and while doing so, it carries a wonderful perfume that leaves everyone remembering you.

The essence you use for the end of the year should be your most intimate personal signature, try to use an unusual smell, something intense, daring, sensual and above all captivating.
For this special night nothing will be too much unless you spray a lot of perfume that is not the idea because you will end up displeasing the people around you, remember that of the good, little.
Take into account the place where you will spend New Year's Eve; If it is a closed place it is advisable to use woody or oriental fragrances. If the site is open air try to use sweeter fragrances, with notes of different spices and high presence of musk is considered one of the best options. It must be elegant and not too presumptuous.

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with what you wear, people will realize that and they will ask you, your best answer will be that you chose an essence that combines with you in every way.
You can get your favorite fragrance or one that you want to apply on this special occasion at Best Perfumes Miami.