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Royal Aromas

August 12, 2019

Surely more than one person has wanted to know the aroma of people who belong to the royal families, because they are always impeccable from head to toe and with styles that we have all wanted to use. From its jewelry to its shoes! And we live with the idea that being royalty should be great. True?

It would be very expensive to acquire the same garments, which are mostly exclusive and personalized designs, so finding another way to feel like a member of royalty would make us feel good. And we have prepared this blog to make it much easier to achieve it and in an irresistible way: With its perfumes!

Let's start with the most classic women in the monarchy.
Queen Elizabeth, recognized as one of the most influential women in contemporary history, has Floris White Rose as her favorite scent, a perfume in which the carnation notes, the queen's favorite flower, stand out. According to Marie Claire magazine, this perfume was the one she used for her wedding with Prince Philip.

Her daughter-in-law, the beloved Princess Diana or Lady Di, as she was also recognized and noted for her charisma and good taste, used the Diorissimo de Dior perfume. Others who knew that they were part of his personal collection were Bluebell de Penhaligon's and So Pretty de Cartier.

Duchess Catherine, wife of Prince William, has as favorite perfume Orange Blossom by Jo Malone, while her husband continues to use a classic among royalty, Blenheim Bouquet of the Penhaligon brand, originally since 1902. And what will their children use ? ? ? Well, they are not far away and now they are defining their style with Creed's Pour Enfants.

Upon leaving the British royal line and entering Spanish, King Emeritus Don Juan Carlos generally uses a Guerlain fragrance: Vetiver. An aroma that represents it very well since it is woody and with notes of tobacco. For his part, his wife, Sofia of Greece, is an inveterate fan of L'air du Temps by Nina Ricci and Eau The Vert of the Bulgari house.

The current kings of Spain, Felipe de Borbón, are known for using dark blue, an aroma that has citrus notes and is from the fashion house Hugo Boss; his wife Letizia, Eau de Soir, a Sisley perfume.

Traveling to other latitudes, Carolina of Monaco, is a faithful follower of the classic fragrances of the famous Chanel house. She loves all the perfumes of this brand! While his sister, Estefanía de Monaco, often uses different perfumes, provided they are based on sandalwood.

Undoubtedly, there is a great variety within the real preferences towards aromas: daring, floral, classic or elegant smells. As they say there, the variety is the taste. Different perfumes and each one with a special touch, leaving a trail full of style and elegance. Now that you know which ones they use, which one would you use? Something modern or more traditional?