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Star's Perfumes! Part II

August 28, 2019

Welcome back to our Blog! Last time we really enjoyed knowing which perfumes the great celebrities have launched, so we prepared a second installment summarizing part of the work that these figures of the show have done in the perfume industry.

Let's start talking about Jennifer Lopez, the New York diva, or J-Lo, as it is also recognized worldwide. The Latin artist has a signature of perfumes that are characterized by floral aromas, designed for women full of energy and passion, who live without fear in the city.

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Another artist who joins this list is Katy Perry, who has not been left behind and has launched perfumes to the market since 2010. Fragrances designed in collaboration with Natasha Cote, Lauren Le Guernec and Givaudan; The perfumes are mostly from the fruity floral olfactory family and make use of sandalwood, vanilla and amber. If you visit Best Perfumes do not forget that we have: Purr, Meow, Killer Queen and Killer Queen in their presentations Royal Revolution and Oh So Cheer.

Following these steps is Lady Gaga, the Oscar winner for her song "Shallow" has two perfumes on the market, one of them is Fame that you can buy in our store. Its main characteristics are its oriental floral aroma, its particular color and the packaging that makes it too special and different.

In this list you can not miss other stars of the song: The 90's diva Mariah Carey, who enters with her perfume Forever and Nicki Minaj with her perfumes Onika, Pink Friday, The Pink Print and Trini Girl.

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Adding to this list of celebrities is Paris Hilton, a socialite with a varied portfolio of options in fragrances for ladies, full of style and elegance, such as Body Mist, Can Can, Siren or Passport, which are in the list of favorites of many Women around the world and you can dare to try them.

Rihanna, Taylor Swift or Shakira are other women who have been given the task of saying present in the perfume industry, their creations have been praised by many experts and destroyed by others.

The Barbadian singer, winner of several MTV awards, has under her fragrances such as Nude, Rebell, Mist Reb'l fleur, Riri or Rougue, which have fallen in love and captivated the market for their daring touches, which dress the skins of women who They are mostly described as empowered people without taboos.

Taylor Swift has been so controversial and so unique that he decided to jump into the world of perfume with his fragrance "Taylor", which has touches of sweetness and could fall in love with anyone who perceives it.

Finally, the Barranquillera Shakira, closes this list with its Elixir, Wild Elixir, Florale, Rock and Shock perfumes, characterized by its elegant packaging, full of luxury and passion: Latin aroma.

And that is how our list of artists who said they were present in the list of celebrities who set out to enter the perfume industry and achieved it ended. Aromas as varied as the talent that these women possess. Have you used any of them? Which is your favorite?

If you liked our blog, wait for the next one. It will be until a new opportunity!