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Star's perfumes!

August 20, 2019

Talented, full of fame and money: Celebrities, personalities from the entertainment world, singers, actresses ... What do they have in common apart from millions of followers? Your perfume lines! If you want to know the list of those who own their own fragrance firm, you are at the right place. Are you going to miss it?

Let's start with the most daring singers on the world stage, who captivate with their voice and essence.
Ariana Grande, the young and talented singer has launched 6 perfumes: Ari, Frankie, Sweet like candy Limited edition, Sweet like candy, Moonlight and the most recent has been Cloud. These fragrances are inspired by some titles of their songs, while "Frankie", a unisex perfume, is named for the singer's brother.

Ariana Grande perfumes are characterized by aromas concentrated in flowers and fruits. In Best Perfumes Miami are available: Sweet like candy, Moonlight and Cloud.

Worshiped by a big fan club Beyoncé is one of the most influential women in today's music industry. Her attitude and attitude have always led her to be recognized as an integral artist. From its beginnings to its role as a mother it has given what to talk about. The Texano-born singer has different fragrances on the market that adapt to different personalities: floral notes.

In Best Perfumes Miami you can find the following Beyoncé perfumes: Rise, Heat, Heat Rush, Heat Wild Orchid, Heat World Tour, Midnight Heat and Pulse.

The idol of a whole generation that remains in the memory of many has been one of the great allies of the perfume industry. We talk about Britney Spears. The interpreter of hits like "Hit me baby one more", "Toxic" and "Work Bitch" has launched a variety of fragrances that have become the favorites of many women around the world.

You can find in our shop many pop princess fragrances, including: Midnight Fantasy, Fantasy Island, Circus Fantasy, Fantasy in Bloom and Radiance.

A famous actress revered and respected by Hollywood joins our list of personalities who designed her own line of perfumes: Elizabeth Taylor. The Londoner who starred in the mythical film "Cleopatra" has many perfumes on the market and in our store you can get: Brillant White Diamonds, Diamonds and Emeralds and Diamonds and Saphires.

Without a doubt, the talent of these women and their entrepreneurial attitude led them to be successful in everything they set out to do. Fragrances, songs and movies that resulted in great achievements for them. And you? Would you dare to defend your ideas?

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