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The essence of personality

June 14, 2019

Undoubtedly there are moments that are kept linked to a fragrance. And to a person! Perfume is another way of making yourself felt, of expressing yourself and of differentiating yourself from the rest: your smile, your style or your vision of the world and of facing it, says a lot about you, but your perfume can turn you into someone unique and unforgettable.

Your favorite scent reflects who you are beyond your actions; You can leave indelible marks in the memory of your friends and your loved ones with an impact fragrance.
When you meet someone, you will surely be recorded from their look to their smell, for that reason you have to be very careful when it comes to deciding what perfume to use on a special occasion, such as weddings, parties or graduations, or perhaps within it routine, like going to work. From the attire, to the hairstyle and accessories, everything must be well thought out. What if. Without forgetting the perfume!

Choosing a perfume is an arduous task, but a key to make the selection process easier is to take into account the characteristics that are possessed and thus find one according to the personality and attitude that represents you. Erroneously, many people select a perfume over another only by the concentration or durability of it on the skin, forgetting that by using it they are also transmitting an important part of their personality.

The issue becomes more complicated when the perfume is given as a gift, although it is very risky, tend to be elegant details and make the other person feel very special. For this you should try to know the person and if not, here we leave you a small guide to know which could be the right one for you or that person to whom you want to give a gift, according to their way of being:

Young: Bold perfumes, sweet aromas, softer smells, but hypnotizing.

Passionate: Floral and citrus fragrances, mostly with musk bases.

Intellectuals: White musks, which makes them subtle, hints of lemon or notes of rhubarb. Presence of woody elements.

Sports: Bases of sandalwood, exotic fruits and more concentrated aromas, tending to be citrus.

Mysterious: Fragrances derived from amber and mixed with musk, oriental spices.

Romantics: Warm aromas, presence of spices and caramel, fruit bases, sandalwood, among others.

What do you want to transmit? Choose your perfume well. You will be noticed from the first second!