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September 22, 2017

Each season has new proposals for perfumes that are able to transcend the incredible market of fragrances and impact on the lives of consumers; also users have the possibility to rediscover some fragrances of trajectory that acclaim their reign now. This season is no exception; both women and men could rediscover some classics or try new and unmissable options to add to their collections of perfumes for continue to immortalizing moments by applying the best scents.

When a perfume is launched or comes for reedition, we think of a new variety of scents' combinations that can perfectly adapt to many personalities and styles, for each person there is a perfume that needs to be discovered and be enjoyed at the best times and this season comes with those great possibilities.

Best Perfumes Miami introduces you the perfumes they are defining this season:

Good Girl by Carolina Herrera:

Just by looking at its bottle, you know it's about something great, Carolina Herrera take a risk with this new brand perfume and moves away from her previous perfumes to empower all the good girls who live in big cities, this amazing scent captures the elegance and the sensual potential of a fearless spirit.

A fragrance celebrated for its versatility that can adapt to any context, for the feminist girls who are forging their future, this is the perfect choice of Arabian jasmine notes combined with cacao.

My Burberry Black:

Since its launch, this genius composition by Burberry has gained recognition and now is known for being a fabulous choice in its target. My Burberry Black is inspired by the classic trench coat of the English firm. Its creators define it as powerfully avant-garde and sensual scent. Fruity and floral notes compose its chicness.

For women who fall in love with the word's beauty and live their own joy, this scent is an answer.

Azzaro pour Homme:

Highly acclaimed by the critics as one of the best perfumes for men, the Lamborghini of masculine scents is qualified to catch the temptation of a new generation of men, who are attracted by a good taste, success and boldness.

The notes condensed in bergamot, lemon and anise make it a timeless and powerful perfume.

Z Zegna New York by Ermenegildo Zegna:

To the man of the world, Z Zegna New York fuses the scent of rum with the vibrant fragrance of the patchouli; a powerful weapon to awaken the senses.

This perfume follows the natural lines of the brand in its composition, a promising and intense new way of understanding the modern man. Now the ones who adapt and trust in their instincts, have their elegant and fresh fragrance.