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February 24, 2016

The 88th Academy Award Ceremony is approaching and celebrities are anxiously looking forward to the celebration that gives nominees the chance to win the sought-after Oscar statuette. The attendees are always looking to wear their best outfit, many of them leaving an exquisite trail as they walk the red carpet. With so many houses and designers dedicated to perfume sales, you've probably been wondering which fragrances the stars will be wearing this Sunday. If you want to learn more about the smell of fame, then keep reading what Best Perfumes Miami presents today: Oscar nominees chosen fragrances.

Starting with women's perfumes, we give you: Burberry Brit by Burberry, one of Cate Blanchett's favorite fragrances. Cate is nominated for the Best Actress Award thanks to her performance in Carol. Burberry Brit is an oriental fragrance with a mix of fruits, floral hints, and sweet notes, a blend that deserves its own award in the fineness and freshness category.

Another important fragrance in Cate Blanchett's life is Sì by Giorgio Armani. This actress' talent, beauty, and elegance made her the ideal face for this fragrance in 2013. This creation by the Armani house is a wonderful combination belonging to the modern Chypre family with Cassis Cream notes. Blonde Sandalwood and hints of May Rose and Freesia were also selected to capture the essence of the strong, independent, passionate, and elegant woman.

Our next Oscar nominee has also been the face of a perfume advertising campaign. We are talking about no other than Rooney Mara. This Best Supporting Actress Award nominee, also considered for her performance in Carol, was the face of Downtown by Calvin Klein in 2013. Downtown is a floral fragrance with woody notes and citric hints, inspired by the urban, modern, and independent woman.

Continuing with Best Supporting Actress Award nominees' favorite fragrances, Rachel McAdams, nominated for her performance in Spotlight, has mentioned that her favorite perfume is Chanel No. 5. This is a floral aldehyde fragrance launched in 1921. The name of this classic fragrance has its origins in the fact that its creator, Ernest Beaux, made five different blends to get to that perfect scent. The 5th sample was the one chosen by Coco Chanel to become the signature fragrance of the House of Chanel. She requested a feminine, extraordinary, and powerful scent that smelled of a woman.

Now, let's talk about those fragrances preferred by the male contenders. Five-time Oscar nominee Leonardo Di Caprio's favorite fragrance, Eau d'Hadrien by Annick Goutal, is a citric perfume with woody base notes that was born in 1981 and meant to be worn by both men and women. Leo is nominated for Best Actor for his performance in The Revenant, and his favorite scent was granted the FiFi Hall of Fame award in 2008.

This next Oscar contender has fallen under the spell of the black orchid. We are talking about Eddie Redmayne, nominated for his role in The Danish Girl. He has chosen Tom Ford's Black Orchid as his signature scent. This floriental fragrance contains its namesake, the coveted Black Orchid flower, among its main ingredients. Even though this fragrance was originally conceived for women, many a man have been haunted by its sensual aroma and decided to wear it themselves.

Best Supporting Actor Award nominee Sylvester Stallone's favorite cologne is Bijan for Men by Bijan. This director, producer, and screenwriter, who comes back to the big screen as Rocky Balboa in the movie Creed, prefers this oriental fougère fragrance. It is a very seductive and mysterious scent, created for elegant and sophisticated men. This is Bijan's most popular fragrance and winner of 1998's Fragrance of the Year Award by FiFi.

Suspense is building for the 88th Academy Awards. In honor of the Oscars, Best Perfumes Miami has decided to extend our own nominations to the fragrances of 2015. Here are the categories and nominees:

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