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The Power Of Fragrances Over People's Minds

March 03, 2017

How can scents revive buried memories? And Why do fragrances evoke intense feelings?

We know Euphoria can be bottle as a Calvin Klein, but what does joy smell like? Or which are the correct notes to evoke sadness? Fragrances manage to change the way we feel because they can not only bring back a memory but also the emotions we felt in that moment when our brain decided to grab that piece of our life.

Finding the perfume that matches our body scent it's a great deal when improving our personal image. Perfumes can make us feel more comfortable and better with ourselves. The better we feel the more active and talkative we are. The best version of us emerge when everything seems to be in the right place and as crazy as it sounds, perfume could even make us feel more secure and self-center. Maybe this is one of the reason for perfume to be such a significant subject when it comes to attraction: when we feel good we attract what's good for us.

According to the fragrance manufacturers Agilex, Smell, perhaps the strongest and most primal of senses, holds sway over cognition, emotion and even other senses. The simple inhalation of an aroma can cause many changes in the body and more specifically in mood. If many scientists have proven that smells have the power to alter a person's thinking, behavior and physiological parameters, such as heartbeat, it is not very surprising that it also evoke the most intense memories.

An interesting question would be: what fragrances evoke what feelings? Of course, it's a matter of each person, although a lot of testimonies from perfume lovers' audience agree in so many opinions about a specific perfume, that we could easily list a number of versions and the sensations, feelings and thoughts these evoke.

Let's take as an example the exquisite fragrance Miss Dior: many buyers' comments about this particular perfume explain how it can reproduce the image of a Friday night before going out or a feminine figure preparing for a party. Just like this, there are many other examples that show how certain notes awaken in different people the same feelings and memories.