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Tips to Make Your Perfume Last Longer

March 18, 2016

Have you ever wondered why a fragrance doesn't last long after you apply it? Or perhaps your perfume's smell has changed even while it was inside the bottle? Keep on reading if you want your perfume to last longer. As a perfume wholesaler and retailer, we have the best tips for you…

How to make your fragrance last longer on your skin

The best time for you to apply perfume is after taking a bath. Steam generated by warm water makes your pores open up, allowing the perfume stay on your skin longer. It is also important to avoid rubbing the fragrance on your skin. You should let it dry on its own, otherwise it will evaporate faster and won't last as long on your skin.

Apply the fragrance to the spots of your body where you can feel your heartbeat, such as the clavicle, behind the earlobes, the inner wrists, and behind the knees. These spots have higher body temperatures, and so, the fragrance will take longer to evaporate. Just one application in those areas should do the trick for perfume extract, however, when you use Eau de Parfum, you can use a bit more and apply it to both sides of the neck. If you are wearing an Eau de Toilette, you can also spray your perfume on your hair.

You must make sure your skin is well hydrated. People with dry skin do no keep fragrances well, while people with oily skin need to reapply perfume less often. For the perfume to affix to your skin, it is recommended that you apply a neutral moisturizing lotion. It is also important to drink enough water throughout the day, as perfume lasts longer on healthy skin.

How to keep your perfume's fragrance intact to the last drop

In order to make your perfume last longer and keep its original composition and scent, we recommend that you keep the bottle away from direct light and heat sources. Accordingly, it is probably not a good idea to leave your precious perfume bottle near a lamp or by a window that is hit directly by sunlight. It is also not recommended to leave it in the bathroom because of the high level of humidity and intense lightning. The best alternative is to keep it in a closet or drawer, or any other dark, fresh and dry place. Always keep it inside its box.

Perfumes that come in a spray bottle tend to keep better than the ones with pressure or screw caps. This is because, when the cap is removed, perfume comes in contact with air, which oxidizes the liquid, evaporating some of the components. This oxidation makes the scent softer and sometimes even rancid. Instead, when a spray cap is used, the bottle is usually sealed. This prevents air from entering the bottle and therefore prevents oxidation.

Some people carry their perfume in their purse. We advise you not to do that since movement and heat shorten a perfume's lifespan. If you want to reapply it during the day, it is better to keep miniature versions in your purse. You can also use a perfume carrier; this little container can hold between 5 and 10 ml. of perfume.

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