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Unforgettable Details

December 12, 2019

Christmas is the favorite time of the year to many women. The decorations, family gathers, christmas dinner y of course the details or gifts.

It is really hard for many people to decide what are they going to give during this season, finding "the perfect gift" is always difficult and we often ask ourselves "will she like it?" or "will he wear it?", often we end up giving something that doesn`t work or that it's not fond for that person.

Women love to recive details that identifies her, that represents her, even that they "look like her". Perfumes are always the best choice when you are looking for a gift, but to choose the best perfume we must have in mind things like: the personality, style and the day by day, to be able to give an unforgettable detail.

That's why in Best Perfumes Miami we recommend You five type of fragrances that will, without any doubt, the best choice.
Carolina Herrera – CH. A unique touch and fresh combined in a classic fragrance of the CH brand and one of the best with no doubts.

Dior: J'Adore. It is a fragance that highlights the sexy side of the women, ideal to be used at night and take the breath of everyone.

GUESS GOLD – Guess. It turns ideal for those ladys who love the scent of flowers and fruits, perfect for daily rutines and avoid passing without leaving a mark. Feel both radiant and fresh can be made with this perfume.

Hypnotic Poison - Christian Dior. If you are talking about passion, this mysterious and fascinating potionis splendid for deeply femenine ladys, sensual, modern and bold.

La Vie Est Belle de Lancôme. It is an essence deeply floral and frutal, which is suitable for this time of the year, due to it's powerful mist that provides a strong and lasting aroma, turning to be ideal for special ocations wheter is day or night. A fragance that makes You feel sophisticated, femenine, happy and spontaneous to every women in every place she stands.

There is no longer an excuse to fail at giving that unforgettable detail during this special season. Follow Us in our social media to keep You updated about all the products that Best Perfume Miami has for You.