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What Does Make A Fragrance A Unisex Perfume?

May 25, 2017

Many perfume lovers affirm that all perfumes are unisex and the labels that define the fragrances as masculine or feminine are discontinued for them. Probably these opinions arise from their need to identify with what best represent them regardless of labels and, certainly, the trend of perfumes based on flowers for women and musk for men has stayed in the past.unisex-perfumes

The most precious roses are poured along with rustic woods, just as citrus are mixed with white bouquets and unusual notes like incense and exotic spices. This notes balance of is what makes each fragrance unique and this particularity is what takes off the perfumes gender labels. That's why it's not uncommon to have so many perfumes for ladies that are preferred by gentlemen and vice versa.

Regardless notes, perfumes are scents that each person perceives differently according to their tastes. In fact, most consider much more important the duration and quality of a perfume than if it is or not according to its gender.

branded-unisex-perfumesIf we are asked to define the genre of a fragrance by removing everything that visually differentiates it from others and preserving only its essence, we would incline to recognize the sweet notes as perfume for women and the very citric notes as perfume for man. If we greet a man who's wearing a rather sweet perfume, we probably don't know that's for women (imagining that in fact it was), because we would be seeing everything that represents that man and the perception we have of his perfume would vary.

Advantage of unisex perfumes

Despite the diverse opinions about the role of genders in the perfume industry, unisex fragrances have characteristics that, instead of classified them as for ladies or gentlemen, make them fresh, citrus and very subtle, suitable for any occasion and time of day. We could say they are generic compositions and seem to be oriented to please, not both "sexes", but rather to please all tastes.

They are an excellent option to economize, since within this category we find an incredibly low price range. On the other hand, they are fragrances you can share with your partner or family. In this way you not only save money, but also you avoid those moments before going out when your perfume mixes with the others' perfumes causing a feeling of fatigue and dizziness.

We hope you enjoyed our blog. To finish we leave you some very popular unisex perfumes:
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