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October 01, 2015

Did you know that perfumes have been used and marketed for over 2000 years? The use of perfumes and scents has long been part of human lifestyles, and it has evolved since ancient times. The term perfume comes from the Latin "per" and "fumare", meaning "to smoke through". This phrase refers to rituals that date from times before Christ, where many civilizations of different religions and regions burned substances hoping the aroma would reach the skies, and the lovely fragrance would please their gods.

Not long after the Egyptians perfected the art of creating ointments and aromatic essences (although some scientists claimed that they were incense), the Greeks began to market various products from the Middle East to Western Europe, and this included the sale of perfumes. This practice came to Rome and expanded until the exportation of perfumes became a lucrative economic activity in Europe.

This shows that perfume trading has been around for thousands of years, and this leads us to ask ourselves why. Every entrepreneur who wants to start a new project asks himself these same questions before starting a business: what is the cost of the investment, what resources are there available or how can I access them, what are the possibilities to expand and grow exponentially. Wholesale perfumes respond positively to these questions, and that is why, over the years and in different regions of the world, selling fragrances remains a strong industry.

An important feature of this kind of business is that it does not matter how much money the entrepreneur has to invest. Anyone who wants to start with this activity can start with a small investment, purchasing a small inventory/medium inventory of perfumes and exploring the market. Best Perfumes Miami, for example, offers its partners this advantage. Not only does it offer the best market prices (and hence the best profit margins), but it also allows its partners to acquire the inventory that fits their investment capacity, which will serve to explore markets with caution and low risk.

In relation to the resources needed for the project to be successful, Best Perfumes offers services delivered through FedEx anywhere in the world. As we have discussed previously, this economic activity is not subject to differences of culture or region. Regardless of the part of the world where the entrepreneur would like to start his or her business, not many resources are needed to begin with, since Best Perfumes Miami can deliver the goods to the sales office or the seller's home. With Best Perfumes help, all that is needed is the entrepreneur's willingness to launch, since the inventory will be available on time and conveniently, thus ensuring the supply chain.

Perfume trading is a practice that has proven for thousands of years to be a lucrative economic activity that transcends ethnicities and religions. Anyone with the will to launch, in partnership with Best Perfumes Miami, can start their own business with a small investment. If you want to learn more about this excellent business opportunity, fill out our contact form for wholesalers and a commercial alliances adviser will contact you shortly.